Extra Large Seagrass Basket

The Extra Large Seagrass Basket offered by thanhcongcraft is a handmade product made from natural and renewable materials. This basket has a dimension of D29 x H24 cm and is known for its rustic and eco-friendly appeal.

Extra Large Seagrass Basket
Extra Large Seagrass Basket

Here are some of the common uses for this basket:


The large size of the seagrass basket makes it perfect for storing various household items such as blankets, pillows, toys, laundry, or any other items you need to organize. Its sturdy construction ensures that it can hold heavy or bulky items without losing its shape.

Decorative Purposes

Seagrass baskets add a natural and textured element to home decor. You can use them as stylish organizers in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom. They can hold plants, display towels, or serve as catch-alls for miscellaneous items, adding a touch of rustic charm to your space.

Picnics and Outings

The spacious nature of the extra-large seagrass basket makes it useful for packing and carrying items for picnics, beach trips, or outdoor outings. You can conveniently fit picnic blankets, snacks, beverages, utensils, and more in these baskets. Their visually appealing design adds to the overall enjoyment of your outing.

Shopping or Market Trips

If you prefer eco-friendly alternatives for shopping, the extra large seagrass storage baskets can be a great option. You can take it to the farmer’s market, grocery store, or any shopping excursion to carry your purchases. These baskets are not only practical but also contribute to reducing the use of plastic bags.

Laundry Hamper

The large capacity of the basket makes it suitable for use as a laundry hamper. It provides ample space to store dirty clothes before doing the laundry. The natural material allows for proper ventilation, preventing unpleasant odors.


To preserve and extend the life of your seagrass basket extra large size, you can follow these guidelines:

Regularly dust or vacuum your seagrass and jute woven basket to remove any dirt or debris. You can also wipe it with a damp cloth if necessary.

Avoid rubbing stains or spills on the basket, as this may spread the stain and loosen the fibers. Instead, gently blot the area with a clean cloth to absorb the spill.

If your basket gets wet, make sure to dry it properly to prevent mold or mildew. Place it in a well-ventilated area and allow it to air dry completely.

Keep the basket away from direct sunlight to prevent color fading or changes in the material’s appearance.

If you are interested in purchasing seagrass baskets and other handicraft products in bulk, you can contact thanhcongcraft by emailing them at info@thanhcongcraft.com or leaving a message on WhatsApp at +84967485411. They will be able to assist you further. Best regards!

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